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Blossom and Otto just had their litter on Sunday July 29, 2018.  2 Males are available.  They are all tailess and I think I have  1 Red show quality  and 1 Silver , companion quality.  Accepting 300 dollar deposits. 


*All dogs tested and found clear of any crippling, structural, or blinding genetic defects BEFORE they are bred. We use OFA prelim data , OFA results,  Local vet, or use Pennhip results after 18 months of age. We not only look at exray findings, we look at the whole dog, conformation, temperament, and try to make sure that none of our dogs go back to any dogs with lethal issues within last three generations. We tend to be very selective in picking our breeding candidates.

There may be a six to twelve month wait for your Suddanly pup. I expect to have outstanding pups that can be used for Conformation, Performance, or being a Couch Potatoe Extraordinaire.

If you are interested in obtaining a Au Reult puppy, you must follow Sales Protocol as listed on this website.   

Please look over website section labeled Apps/Contracts and scroll down to Deposit agreements/section. Only accept Deposits once my vallhund girls are ultrasounded positively pregnant.

Please follow Sales Protocol section found on this website if you are seriously interested.

Good things come to those who can wait.

Look forward to working with you!


Blossom x Otto

Blossom and Otto had their new litter on Sunday July 29,2018.  They had 2 males, tailess.  1 Red show male and one Silver companion quality male. 

This is Blossoms first litter.  She is line bred on Starvon pedigree family.   Otto is a young red natural bob male who is almost finished with his Championship.  This is Otto's first litter and he belongs to Sharon Pokorski,  Hightower kennels.   Otto just won RWD at our National Specialty in Arizona. 

Both parents are sweet, outgoing and self confident dogs who do very well in new situations.  I think these pups potentially will do well in whatever doggy persuits you would like to work with them in. 

I am accepting 300 dollar deposits and if all goes well they will be ready for their forever homes at the end of September. 

If you like what you see, please follow my Sales protocol that includes sending me a puppy application (5-10 minutes tops) and a quick phone call in evenings from 9-11 pm EST. at 1919.548.9895.