Upcoming litters

Present litters!

Presently ,  Both Star and Reba have litters by Boson.  I have three females looking for forever homes and will start accepting deposits for them. 


Next litter may come in the fall of 2024.  Please check back!  Will start accepting Deposits when there are live pups on the ground. 


*All dogs tested and found clear of any crippling, structural, or blinding genetic defects BEFORE they are bred. We use OFA prelim data , OFA results,  Local vet, or use Pennhip results after 18 months of age. External eye exams done on all dogs to make sure they are free of Juvenile Cataracs, distichia..   We not only look at exray findings, we look at the whole dog, conformation, temperament, and try to make sure that none of our dogs go back to any dogs with lethal issues within last three generations. We tend to be very selective in picking our breeding candidates.

SV Retinopathy- To me it is a minor issue as it predominately affects dogs older than 12 years old and usually only affects vision in dim lighting. 

Currently the only Accurate eye test for this issue is the OFA eye test.  It the dog comes back clear, the dog is genetically Clear or a Carrier (not Affected) up to the date of the test.  Future tests are indicated.  I usually test my SV before the first breedings, in mid life then in old age. 

The DNA Marker test to date is inaccurate and I will not base my breeding plans on any test that has inaccurate findings.  

I personally think it is a dangerous risk to any rare breed to put artificial manmade road blocks on possible breeding plans on issues that do not cause death, clinical crippling issues or complete loss of sight (especially in young or middle aged dogs).   

Waiting time-There may be a six to twelve month wait for your AuReult SD (formerly Suddanly) pup. I expect to have outstanding pups that can be used for Conformation, Performance, or being a Couch Potatoe Extraordinaire.

If you are interested in obtaining a Au Reult SD puppy, you must follow Sales Protocol as listed on this website.   

Please look over website section labeled Apps/Contracts and scroll down to Deposit agreements/section. Only accept Deposits once my vallhund girls are ultrasounded positively pregnant.

Please follow Sales Protocol section found on this website if you are seriously interested.

Good things come to those who can wait.

Look forward to working with you!


Star x Boson