Conservative Vaccine protocol

Conservative Vaccine Protocol for Suddanly Swissy and Vallhund puppies. 

Do NOT use Corona or Leptosperosis vaccines on your Swissy or Vallhund puppy.
* The ONLY exception is if Lepto is endemic and causing death.  Only vaccinate specifically for Lepto strains found in environment and give boosters at 8 and 10 months of age or two boosters as an adult dog... Do NOT give to puppies under six months of age.

Many dogs react very badly to these vaccines as they are stablized with MERCURY (A Heavy Metal, brand name Timerisol) and can cause serious long lasting side effects such as Seizure disorders,  Bloat, and Severe Food Allergies.  Right now all the 5 and 7 way canine vaccines have Thimerisol (Mercury) in them.. Do NOT use them if at all possible.  You can buy a pack of Vangard Puppy DPv and have them sent from the company (KV Vet supply catalog) directly to your vet to administer them.  It is worth the extra cost and is healthier for your new Swissy. 

Please give Nobivac  Puppy  Parvo/ Distemper vaccine at the following ages: 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, and 17 months. After that either give no more Parvo/Distemper boosters or when your dog gets their rabies booster every three years, do a blood titer test. The results can be used to see if they actually need a Parvo/Distemper booster.   *** Strongly recommend that you DO NOT give P/D boosters unless blood titer test results show that it is needed. 

Reason: Most vaccines are stabilized by mercury and after dogs system reaches a certain level it can cause toxic side affects.  A good alternative is to do a blood titer test that measures the protection a swissy has for Parvo and Distemper and ONLY give a booster shot if needed... You can do this every 3 years in conjunction with the every 3 year Rabies shot.

Do have your dog get an Annual checkup,,, that is important,,, do NOT give annual vaccines.

Bottom line- If you use vaccines with mercury in them,,, my health quarantees are null and void !

Please give rabies at the following recommended ages; 4-6 months 18 months Subsequently every 3 years or by your state's laws. 

Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine is optional. Note- Would only give this if needed to board your dog. Most dogs will get this a couple of times during their lifetime. If they are eating and drinking do not intercede with drugs.  If the pup has a green or yellow nasal discharge , Antibiotics are indicated as they have a secondary bacterial nasal infection going on.

By doing the conservative vaccine protocol that Dr. Jean Dodds recommends you have a lower chance of your dog coming down with immune system dysfunctions,  seizure disorders, certain kinds of cancers at young ages and it also helps avert Central nervous system disorders.

Good luck,

Dan Campeau