Feeding Recommendations

Feeding Recommendations-

For Lactating, nursing, or pups under three months old I use Sportsmix High Energy kibble along with supplements belows.

For Maintainance diets for swissys over 3 months old-  Use an adult formulation that does not have corn, soy, or wheat in first three ingredients. Beef, lamb,  or Chicken should be FIRST ingredient.  Try to avoid wheat altogether.   I currently use Diamond Naturals, Beef and Rice along with supplements listed below. 

Protein levels should be in mid 20's.

Fat level should be  about 15 -18%.

Feed two meals per day.

Daily Supplements-Give 1/4 tsp. kelp daily. Give 1 generic Centrum daily. ( half for pups).  Give Equinyl (Plus or Combo) until 2 years of age.  Helps with joint development.      

Put slightly cooked veggies (1 cup) over wet kibble daily. Give about 4 ounces of yogurt or cottage cheese 3-4 times per week.

At six months old , introduce refrigerated raw bones and meat 3-4 times per week (Feed this by itself) I do this for breakfast.  Use Large pieces of meat.

Safe cuts are:
Chicken - Whole Backs
Chicken - Whole Thigh Quarters
Pork - Pigs feet Beef- Cow tails
Turkey- Necks.
**Chicken and Turkey wings are dangerous to feed because of feather spurs.  Leave skin and fat on.

Processing raw meat- Rinse with fresh water and dunk in a solution of vinegar (shot glass full in a half sink full of water) before freezing or giving to your dog. Thaw out meat only in refrigerator,,, do not let it set out at room temperature.

Always keep raw meat refrigerated until it is time to feed to your dog. Do NOT cut up into small pieces for your dog.  Use Large pieces so they cannot swallow it whole

You will not only see a great shine on your dog but your dog will NOT be as prone to getting Bloat or Torsion if you follow the diet recommendations.  Great Luck!!!

*You can google BARF diets or Dr. Ian Billinghurst for raw food diets.

Over last 30 years I have seen my average lifespans go from 9-11 years to 13-15 years by using the Conservative vaccine protocals and following the above Diet Recommendations.   Please do your part to keep your dogs healthy and give them every opportunity to remain healthy and long lived. 

Best of luck,


Dan Campeau