When you get your puppy from Suddanly, they will have gotten dewormed 3 times and had "one" vaccine at seven weeks.  We use Intervet's Progard puppy DPv (Only Distemper and Parvo) . With only one vaccine they are not fully protected from viral challenges like Parvo and Distemper. 


Care must be taken not to expose your pups to an environment that has sick animals in it,,, like vet clinic waiting rooms.

Unless your puppy gets sick, my advice is to NOT take your puppy to the vet's until it is time to give the second set of vaccines at 11-12 weeks of age. * Make arrangements to have the Intervet Puppy DPv vaccines sent directly to your vet BEFORE you take your puppy in.  

You need to assume the puppy has gut type parasites as we live in the SE United States and we "ALWAYS" have hookworm, round worms, and whip worm infestations. We also have Giardhia and Coccidia outbreaks sometimes.  

The safest way to take your pup to the vet is to keep the puppy in your vehicle until it is your pup's turn to be examined.  Physically "carry" the pup to the examining table,,DO NOT LET YOUR PUPPY WANDER AROUND ON THE FLOOR or GROUNDS. When the exam is done, carry your puppy back to your vehicle and put it back into it's crate, then pay for your bill<g>. 

Your pup's immune system will be weakened for about 7 days after any type of vaccine so I usually leave them at home the week after a puppy shot so they do not get sick from exposing them to bacterial or viral challenges while their immune system is recovering from the vaccines.

Once your puppy has had two vaccines,,, it is relatively safe to walk your pup into the vet office for 3rd vaccine and/or puppy kindergarten classes.

Your puppy will be completely protected as an ADULT once they have had two modified live virus vaccines "after" the age of six months.

DO NOT use vaccines with Lepto or Corona virus in it... IF you see a L or a C in the vaccine sequence,,, do NOT use it. Insist that you examine vaccine vials before they give it to your puppy... Avoid giving shots with Mercury in them,, ie all five and seven way shots have Thimerisol (Mercury) in them.

Insist on reading the label before your puppy gets vaccinated and do NOT give your vet permission to start over on vaccine sequence because his first vaccines were given by their breeder. 

If the vet is hard to deal with find another,,, you are the paying customer and the contract you signed and agreed to follow is with ME,,, not your vet.  

For your Health Gaurantee to be in effect you MUST follow feeding and conservative vaccine protocol.

Good luck.