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The best way to contact me is via email at , call evenings between 8-10 pm EST at 919.548.9895 or text me at the previous number.

Visits by Appointment ONLY!

I live near Lenoir, in Western, North Carolina at present.  You can see pics of my new Au Reult Farm.   It is a beautiful 12 acre farm where I can raise and care for my dogs, sheep, and Scottish Highland Ponies.  See pics 

For further consideration you will need to fill out and send a completed copy of the Puppy Application to me.

Please especially review Diet, Vaccine, Deposit/Price (under Apps./contract section) sections of this website.

*My 7 year health quarantees are contingent on you following Diet and Vaccine
recommendations for the lifetime of your Swissy.    Can review on this website. 

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact me.  If you honestly feel that you cannot follow the diet and vaccine recommendations please find another breeder to work with.

Due to new Federal USDA rules and regulations legislating hobby dog breeders you will have the following options available to you to take your puppy home with you :

At 8-12 weeks you can do the following depending on your puppies quality designation. 

You will have two options to pick up your Working/Companion or potential breeding quality pup :
A. Pick up puppy in Person.
B.. Buy a round trip airplane  ticket and take pup back home with you in a X-Large collapsible Sherpa bag under the seat in the Airplane Cabin.
C. You will also have the option of having your pup shipped to a International AP near you if it is in cooler seasons of the year.

** In summer heat,  you will only have the options A and B to choose from.   

Thanks for your interest in our breed. 



Dan Campeau

Au Reult SD Swissys /Vallhunds

Swissy at Work