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Suddanly  Puppy Application

Please indicate whether you are interested in a Swissy or a Vallhund.

If you are interested in obtaining one of our wonderful puppies, read the puppy contract and then complete the application below. Don't be afraid to give detailed answers! Someone will be in touch with you soon.


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What sex  puppy are you looking for?

What level of dog are you looking for?

Tell us about your residence and yard: are there fences and places for a dog to play?

Tell us about the people in your household, i.e., number in your family, kids and ages, etc )

Tell us about your previous dog(s) and other animal experiences (types, activities, what happened to them).

What other pets are in your household right now?

What is the Name, address, and phone number of your vet?

What types of activities are you interested in with this dog?

Conformation Show- If yes,  Do you intend to actually show and finish your pup's Championship?
Weight Pull
Hiking/ Pack Dog
Herding Agility
Therapy Dog

Why do you want a Greater Swiss (or Vallhund)?

How soon are you looking for a puppy?

I/We have read the Puppy Contract and understand understand that I/we must follow conservative vaccine schedule, nuetering recommendations,  and diet recommendations found in the puppy packet for health guarantees to stay in effect. We understand that final sale will be Face to Face with new puppy owner or their designated legal representative.

What else would you like us to know about you?

Please download and send onto dccampeau@yahoo.com