Au Reult, Suddanly Farms Puppy Contract  

Please circle the breed- Swissy or Vallhund. 

“Our dogs are into everything!”Est. 1990
Owned by Dan Campeau H: 919-837-5539

General Information This contact is between Au Reult SD Farms owned by Daniel Campeau (seller) and _____________________ (owner name, Puppy Buyer). The Swissy/Vallhund (circle one) puppy is being purchased on a Companion or Show contract (please circle one) with the idea that they will be used primarily in performance or conformation eventing. The puppy was born on __________________. The puppy is sired by _____________; the dam is_____________________. The puppy is purchased on ____________(date) for ______________ dollars.

The puppy purchaser understands and accepts when signing the agreement that:

This contract will cover the first seven years of your new puppy's life from it's date of birth. 
Au Reult, Suddanly Swissys/Vallhunds will not offer cash refunds.    Please review my website. 

Puppy buyer understands that they will have to follow diet and conservative vaccine recommendations for this contract to be active and to keep their pup as healthy as possible for their lifetime. Puppy buyer will give Equinyl Combo for joint health during puppyhood up to 24 months old. 

You need to assume the puppy has gut type parasites as we live in the SE United States and we "ALWAYS" have hookworm, round worms, and whip worm infestations. We also have Giardhia and Coccidia outbreaks sometimes. We STRONGLY recommend that you follow the aggressive deworming protocols found in the Suddanly website.

*It is normal for Swissy pups to walk like a cow, it is a breed characteristic and has NOTHING to do with the quality of the hip joint conformation in the future.  

"Au Reult SD” will be included as a prefix on puppy’s registered name.

 All magazine advertisements relating to dog showing will include Au Reult SD or Dan Campeau as the “Breeder”.

 Any puppy that does not work out in their original home will be returned to the seller at the buyer’s expense. The puppy will be rehomed by the seller, and if there is any net profit, room and board costs will be deducted and balance will be given to the buyer.

A Great Companion/Family member does not just happen,  it takes work and commitment.  We recommend taking pups to at least one puppy kindergarten class before four months old and at least 2 beginning obedience classes after six months of age.  

Show Puppy-  First time Puppy show prospects will be sold on a single ownership (puppy buyer only) and a AKC limited registration. *Once documentation is provided to Suddanly Swissys that the show prospect puppy owner has been actively trying to train their dogs to show in American Kennel Club (“AKC”) shows by taking Conformation classes, then registration can be changed back to Full AKC registration for the puppy show prospect. Dan will waive this if the buyer is breeder referred or has finished a dog of another breed previously. 

*Pups may be sold with small umbilical hernias.  This condition will not affect the health and well being of the pup.

If one of the following conditions occurs to the show puppy prospect, then Suddanly Swissys will replace the show prospect puppy with a puppy of equal quality:

 If the puppy dies before the age of seven  from an inherited condition.

All final exrays must be done after the age of 20 months.

 If the puppy develops osteo- arthritic conditions and/or remodeled femur heads inside the hip joint accompanied by a Mild, Moderate or Severe Orthopedic Foundation of Animals, Inc. (OFA) rating before the age of three.  NOTE: Thickened necks, shallow acetabulums, subluxation with the absence of osteoarthritis in hip joint capsule or on femur head are minor structural issues and do not constitute grounds for puppy replacement.

 A grade 2 or 3 OFA rating on elbows before the age of three.

 If the puppy develops blinding eye problems before the age of three.

 If the puppy develops bilateral OCD before the age of three.

Bite goes off before the age of two.

In the event that the prospective show puppy does not have documentation of working towards its Conformation titles, it will fall under the health warrantees found under Companion Prospects as discussed below.

Au Reult SD Show Prospects may only be bred when following conditions are met:

Swissy is over 20 months of age.
Hips, Elbow, and Eyes are checked and found clear of osteoarthritis and blinding eye defects. Elbows must be  grade one or better. 
Swissy has outgoing , friendly type temperament.
Swissy is pointed in Conformation or has a leg towards a Performance title. 
Swissy is free of any debilitating or lethal diseases.

Companion Pet Puppy -Companion prospects will be sold only on a single ownership, spay/neuter agreements with limited AKC registration.  Companions may be sold with minor cosmetic faults that would not impact the health of the pup.  Overbites, larger type hernias, mismarks are examples.

Do NOT nueter before growth plates stop growing at  20 months old.

We recommend neutering male pups after  20 months ONLY  if there is a behavioral issue involved.  Leaving male dogs intact is best for the dogs when possible and if they live in a well fenced area.  Should not be allowed to breed ever.  

We recommend spaying female pups 60-90 days after their first heat cycle and after they are 20 months old. If one of the following conditions occurs, then Suddanly Swissys will replace the companion puppy with another puppy of equal quality: We also recommend leaving one ovary in OR leave her uterus in so your bitch will not have a problem later with urinary incontinence and have to be put on long term heavy duty drugs to control the problem.

If the pup is nuetered/spayed or has orthopedic surgery done before 20 months old without the written approval of Seller then all Health quarantees are NULL and VOID.  
Replacement pet pups will be sent at owners expense if one or more of the following occur:

 If puppy dies before the age of seven from an inherited condition.  Necropsy is required to verify cause of death.            

 All final exrays must be done after the age of  20 months. If the puppy shows clinical signs of soreness and/or arthritis in hip joints due to inherited genetic problems, and accompanied by a Moderate or Severe OFA rating after the age of 2  then it will be replaced.

 If the puppy develops blinding eye problems before the age of three.

 If the puppy develops bilateral osteochondrosis (“OCD”) before the age of two.

 OFA Elbow ratings of 2 or 3 that is accompanied by clinical symptoms between the ages two and before the age of five.

 A replacement puppy will be sent to the buyer at the buyer’s expense only if the original puppy has documentation of neutering or spaying after 20 months of age.

Health Warrantees The puppy buyer agrees to follow feeding, nuetering/surgical, and vaccine protocol which is attached to this contract. If the puppy owner does not follow feeding and conservative vaccine protocols, then all Health Warrantees are Null and Void. Venue & Entirety of Contract This agreement serves as the entire agreement. No prior or subsequent oral agreements will alter the aforesaid terms.  

All Health Gaurantees END  when the puppy reaches the age of Seven.

This agreement will follow laws and regulations in Chatham County, in the State of North Carolina. Any disputes will be resolved in the venue of North Carolina. A civil penalty of $2000.00 plus court costs will be collected from the buyer if the agreement is not upheld.

Seller Signature:_________________________________ Date___________

* I understand the contractual obligations in the above document.
Puppy Buyer Signature: ___________________________Date___________ 
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