Thank you for your interest!
I have a 16 week old pup born on 4/24/20.  He needs a special home.  He is genetically gun shy in that he is very sensitive to loud noises going on around him.   He will make a great watch dog and Family dog with Adults.    He is suspicious of strangers outside of the family.   He needs to be a rural , quiet type location where he can settle in and be your outdoor protector.  He loves to please and if you put a sit stay and down stay in his vocabulary he will be controllable when meeting new people with you.   Strangers will not be able to put hands on him.  On the good side it means that he will not be easily stolen.  On the down side , he may need to be penned up during the day time hours when you expect guests. 
He is a lovely dog and deserves a great chance at life.  Since he is a special needs pup I am selling him for half price at 900 dollars.
I will have pictures up soon.  

Pair of Swissys- 
The next GSMD I will have up for adoption is Pride.  She is four years old.  She will be done her mothering duties by mid winter.  She is 95 lbs.  She loves to be in your face for attention.   If you have a property where she can be outside during the day to run off a lot of energy and be inside in evenings and night time,  I think you will really appreciate her.    I am asking 300 for her.   She will be spayed after her next litter and should be available sometime after Jan.1 2021.
Finally,  I have a six year old male named Ben who needs to live with a small pack.  Ben's only issue is that he is scared of loud noices and he does not get along with other male dogs.  He is available anytime.  He may do best if you live in an area where he can be outside during the day and crated inside during the night.   I am asking 300 for him. 
*****I think he and Pride would make a wonderful pair ,  If you take both Ben and Pride I would charge 400 for the pair. 
I will have pics up soon.