Thank you for your interest!
I have four young to young middle aged swissys for adoption.  If interested please contact me at or at 919-548-9895.  Best time to call is evenings from 7-10 pm EST.  I will be asking 300 dollars for an adoption fee. 
1.  Finn- He is a yearling boy that would do fine in a household with a dog owner with experience with working dogs.  He would be fine with older experienced young people in the family.  He has been raised with cats.  He is leash and crate trained.  Been Adopted!
2. Dianna- She is a 4 year old girl who is large , beautiful inside and out.  Loves to please.  She would do well in a home with older kids and experience with other working dogs.  Not sure how she would do with smaller animals. 
3. Goose- Goose is a nuetered 3 year old.  He is a great dog.  He is also and escape artist so will need to be in a fence with electric wires at the top and bottom of fence.  He will need some training with manners.  He is a big goofball.  Would work great in a home with older kids and working dog experience.  Do not know how he would do with cats or other small animals. Been Adopted!
4. Rocky-  He is 3 years old intact swissy.  He is a beautiful example of a swissy.  He does not get along with other male dogs but does fine with large female dogs.   He would make a great dog with a family with older kids and that has experience with other working breeds.  He really would do well with some TLC and individual attention.  Do not know how he would do with cats or other smaller animals.