Swissys- Cali and Betty will be having a litter at the end of December of 2022.

Vallunds- Star and Blossom may be having pups in late February, sire is Boson. 





Ch. Sudbach Ashenda v. Pilch TDI, CD, HIT, Sw TT, ROM

Grand Champion KingsCrest Sdnly Sunflower ROM

NZ, AU, US International Champion Barawolfe Mercury Rising


Au Reult SD Swissys formerly Suddanly Swissys 
have owned, bred or sired:
Swissys (est. 1990)
*AKC Working Group winners *       
First AmBred ROM Bitch in our Breed         
First AKC Grand Champion Bitch          
First AKC Bitch and Dog champions 
#1 Stud dog,  #1 Brood Bitch (2 years)         
2- International Champions          
3-#1 US Conformation Dogs          
3- #1 US Conformation  Bitches          
2- #1 US Owner Handled Dogs
2 -US Weight Pulling Record Holders          
Nat'l Ranked Agility Dog Titleholders
1st AKC Group Winning Dog & Bitch
Group Winning Swissys
Best in Nat'l and Regn'l Specialties
Highest Scoring Novice Obedience Bitch
Group Winning "Junior Handled Bitch"
Over 160 conformation and/or performance titles 
Westminster-Several BOB's, BOS, Awards of Merit
16 Register of Merit Swissys
3 Legion of Merits
Numerous Top Ten US Conformation Winners 
Therapy, Agility,  Carting, and Herding Dogs
Wonderful Companions

***AKC Breeder of Merit***

Au Reult SD Vallhunds, formerly Suddanly Vallhunds (est. 2008)
Have owned, bred or sired:

5 AKC Grand Champions
16 AKC Champions, 

3 UKC Champions,  3 Top ten UKC standings in 21. 

3 International Ch. 

The youngest female Vallhund to receive her Versatility Title

1 Best in All breed show

2 National Specialty winners

2 Westminster winners
1 Top Ten US Conformation ranking

3 JH pup invited to AKC Nationals

Working dogs, Conformation, Agility

Herding, Obedience

***AKC Breeder of Merit***

All About Us

 Au Reult  SD (Gold Star), formerly Suddanly  strives to produce stable, healthy, long-lived working/herding companions that excel in performance and conformation events. We test all our breeding stock with OFA (final or prelims), Pennhip or my local vet's office to make sure they are free of debilitating structural issues,  blinding issues, and other adverse hereditary health conditions BEFORE  they are bred.  Over the last 30 plus years  we have continually used American and Import bloodlines to improve upon our breeding program.  My breeding objectives are to breed high quality  Swissys and Vallhunds that fit our US-AKC and European-FCI standards, produce mentally stable, healthy, sound,  long-lived pups that continue to excell in performance, conformation, and being wonderful family companions. We breed with the betterment of our breed in mind. *I currently have five healthy generations living at my farm. 

 All pups are sold with  7 year health qaurantees that are "contingent" on new owners following feeding and conservative vaccine recommendations found on this website.  We continually strive to place our pups in the best possible homes where they will be safe and well loved. All sales will be conducted "Face to Face" directly with new owner or their legal representative.

We are a low volume type hobby breeder.  We strive to produce the best quality Swissys or Vallhunds possible. There is usually a 6-15 month waiting period before you would get your Au Reult SD Swissy or Vallhund pup.  Your patience is appreciated.

We believe it is up to the new owners to properly socialize their new pups,  use conservative vaccine practices, and follow our feeding recommendations. They will need to limit their pups exposure to hard, slick flooring, and environmental toxins to keep their puppy as healthy as possible for the lifetime of their puppy.  When you purchase a Au Reult SD Puppy you become one of our Au Reult SD  family members and you will have a lifetime offer of technical support and mentoring as needed.  Our pups are worth the wait.

Any Au Reult SD puppy or adult that does not work out in their new homes are expected to be returned to us so we can rehome it in a safe, caring environment.